Our Terms & Condition

Our Terms & Condition

PLEASE READ the following Terms & Conditions very carefully. By Signing below, you understand and accept the terms and conditions set forth herein.

1. Fee Once give will not be refunded nor adjustable and nor transferable and will not be adjusted to any other course.

2. To take any leave written application to be given before 3 days.

3. Course Extension will be consider only due to unavoidable Reason.

4. It is Being strictly mentioned that only placement Assistance will be given to student. I4BEST is not providing any kind of job Guarantee/Claim

5. Fees being charged is subject to change without given any prior notice & will be binding by the student.

6. The I4BEST reserves the rights to claim any damages or penalty from the students in case of any damage happen either its fumiture,Property,Books,Computers or any other material ect.

7. I4BEST reserve the rights to expel student without giving any prior notice if found any guilty Miscellaneous or undisciplined behavior.

8. Strict discipline and punctuality shall be followed by the students.

9. I4BEST Institute reserves the right not allowing the student in the premises of the centre in case of failure of payment of dues/fees to the institute on due dates.

10. I4BEST reserves the right to take any action whatsoever in case of misconduct on his/her behavior or fraudulent.

11. Student will not be allowed to take any terms related to the timings, Faculty etc and the I4BEST will be having full rights to take decision on every aspect of the academics.

12. There will be the compulsion of completing the Assignments, Test and the Examination as required by the institute from time to time failing which the institute reserves the rights to take any disciplinary action.

13. Faculties can be changed without giving any intimation to students due to any management ,administration reason.

14, The I4BEST will do it’s very best to deliver program in accordance with descriptions set out in the brochure, However, the prospectus is planned and printed at the earliest possible date to provide maximum assistance to intending applicants. The Institute therefore reserves the right to make variations to the content or method of delivery or assessment of program.

15. Students are contractually obliged to pay tuition fees and other fees on the dates they fall due, from the moment that an offer of a place is accepted.

16. If a student, or any third party who is supposed to pay tuition and other fees on student’s behalf, fails to pay by the due date specified by the center, The I4BEST reserves the right to charge interest and/or late fees on define rates.

17. I4BEST reserves the right to exclude from studies forthwith any student who willfully and persistently neglects his/her academic work to such an extent that there is no reason able possibility of him/her being regarded as having duly performed the work of the program or being able to proceed to the next stage of the program. I4BEST also reserves the right to exclude from studies forthwith any student who does not attend classes to a satisfactory level. The attendance level must always be at a rate of least 85%.

18. I4BEST reserves the right to withdraw or amend its offer to any student where it is discovered that a false statement or significant omission of information has been made by the student/prospective student in their application.

19. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws.

20. I4BEST does not in any way guarantees the acceptance of its certificates/ diploma by any government department or others and no suit can be filed against the institute for non acceptance of its certificate/diploma by any government department or others.

21. In case of any dispute and for all legal purposes the jurisdiction will be Kolkata (WB) INDIA only

22.I4BEST Institute will not be responsible for any delay of result.

23. If I will not pay the fee in the sheduled time period, my admission can be cancelled and I will be responsible for the same.
I hereby declare that all the information provided in the application form is true to behalf of my knowledge. I agree to abide by the rules, terms & conditions as mentions above of the institute on being granted admission. I also agree to pay the entire fee and other charges as per the schedule framed by the I4BEST.


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