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Certified Advance Excel Professional Training


MS Excel is the most common software used for spreadsheet, the Workshop on MS Excel has been designed to provide hands-on experience. The workshop aims to impart the basic and advanced techniques of Excel to acquaint users with the latest technology as well as lessen their work load. We, at i4best, believe in practical oriented training methodology, and thus we conduct a hands on workshop to enrich the existing knowledge in professionals and help them explore unimaginable possibilities and secure your job for data entry operator mis executive. 

Who Should Attend This Training Programme? Why?

This Course on MS Excel is a common platform for all to learn the nitty-grittys of spreadsheet application. It is for Executives, who are familiar with the basic functionality of spreadsheets, yet are unaware of its advanced techniques. It is for students of professional courses, who use spreadsheet at on elementary level and will have to graduate to advanced features during their academic and career pursuits. 

Course Content

This course is specifically designed for professionals and graduate students who need to learn about the advanced ways of using spreadsheets for complex issues. This knowledge packed workshop starts with an introduction to MS Excel. Tentative list of topics which are covered in the courses. 

Quick Overview
  • Essential Shortcuts
  • Absolute & Relative Referencing ($)
  • ROUND (), SUMPRODUCT (), etc.

Data Analytics
  • Using SUBTOTAL() with Filtered data

Pivot Tables
  • Computations %, Sum, Max, Min, Average, Count, etc.
  • Generate Multiple Reports

Data Lookup
  • VLOOKUP() with MATCH(), INDEX() & MATCH()

Excel Modelling
  • INDIRECT() with Cell Range Naming

Logical Statements
  • IF(), Nested IFs(), AND(), OR(), IFERROR()

Working with Dates Data Cleaning
  • LEFT(), RIGHT(), MID()
  • Using “&” for concatenating or joining strings / cell values
  • Find & Replace (Using wildcard character – Asterisk *)
  • Go To (Special) with Ctrl+Enter trick
  • Text to Columns with advanced tricks
  • Remove Duplicates

MIS Reporting
  • Data Consolidation
  • Automatic Row Wise Sub-Total
  • Conditional Formatting – Blanks, Duplicates, Cell Values, Formula based, etc)
  • File Password & Cell Protection

Dashboard Techniques
  • Data Validation (List)
  • Cell Range Naming, Grouping

What IF Analysis
  • Data Tables

Macros: Overview
  • Concept
  • Macros Recorder, Record & Run