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One of the key functions of Human Resource Management is hiring the candidates for the job. To hire candidates, interviewer must have Interviewing skills to judge the interviewee. Good interviewing skills will help in creating good image of the organization; interviewing is one of the steps in hiring the “Right Candidate”.
This program aims to provide the candidate the end to end understanding of the techniques of interviewing. This will result in providing to the industry candidates who will be subject matter experts and will be able to apply the principles of interviewing from day one of their employment in this role.

Fresh Graduates
Working professional from any function
Graduates with 1 -2 years of work experience looking at career opportunities in recruitment.

Course Structure
Course Duration- The course would be for a total duration of 60 hours. These could be completed in the following ways-
6 weeks evening course for working professionals ( 2 hours Mon-Friday)
1 months weekend course ( 8 Hours on Sat/Sun)
Two week course – Fulltime.

The interviewing skills program focuses mainly on acquiring skills to measure/assess the competencies of the candidate during the interview. In addition to that, this will also be helpful for line managers who regularly conduct interviews for new hires.
Main Concepts:
Overview of recruitment process
Types of Interviews
Preparing for Interviews
Structuring interviews
Questioning Techniques
Report Writing
Learning Objectives:
Be able to describe the recruitment process in organisations
Understand competencies and the ways of assessing the same
Carry our preparations for an interview
Be able to conduct a structured Interview
Write an assessment report
Course Content:
Recruitment & Selection process
Understanding Competencies
Selection Methods
Types of Interviews
Competency based interview
Planning and preparing for an interview
Conducting an interview – structuring and questioining
Do’s & Don’t’s during interview
Writing an Assessment report
Method of Teaching:
Classroom interactive session with mock interview and Practical sessions
Method of Assessment & Weightage:
Assessment Tasks: Written Exam & project assignments
Weightage: 100%

Students will be assessed on project work and a written examination that will be conducted at the end of the course.

This program will provide employment opportunities to candidates in all big, medium and small firms.